Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Norquay Park, 1924

Norquay Park shown on a 1964 map of Winnipeg. Credit

"but the every-day park is the small community park where the mother can send the smaller children in care of the older ones while the morning work is being attended to and in the afternoon she may join them and find real comfort and pleasure doing some useful work in a shady abor and watching the children play. This is what St. John's, Norquay, St. James [Vimy Ridge], Crescentwood and all our community parks mean to the children who cannot perhaps get to Assiniboine or Kildonan parks more than once a month and perhaps not more than once a season."

"Who has visited Weston, King Edward, Elmwood or Norquay parks on a real hot day in summer and watched the children in the wading pool but has wished that the hand of time might be turned backward that they themselves might play and splash in the water and give expression to innocent and carefree laughter such as only children can indulge in."

Text and images from A Souvenir of Winnipeg's Jubilee, 1874-1924, published by the Civic Social and Athletic Association, 1924

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